An Introduction to Camp Hill Boys from the Head Boy


Camp Hill Boys is an outstanding school academically, as our position in league tables year on year shows. This is down not only to the incredible standard of teaching we receive, but also the mentality the school helps to instill in its pupils. What I personally value most about Camp Hill academics is that we not only work hard, but we are taught how to work hard. We learn to be efficient in our work, leaving time for the plethora of extra-curricular activities Camp Hill has to offer. We focus on delivering an all-encompassing education for our students, providing a platform for students of all interests to excel, be it in sport, music or drama. The opportunities to achieve both in and out of the classroom here are phenomenal.

Outside academia, we offer activities for those with high ambitions, but also for those looking to try something new, meet new people or just do something fun. This would not be possible without the dedication of many staff members, in providing these activities. To compliment this, many of our clubs and societies are run solely by students, allowing boys to showcase their interests and share them with others, however quirky and unique they may be.

What defines Camp Hill most of all is not our impressive grades or outstanding teachers, but the young men who leave us each year. Boys enter the school as just that – boys. However, they leave as well rounded individuals, armed with the tools they need to succeed in their profession, as well as in their life in general. The boys here push each other to succeed in the classroom, producing our excellent results, but they also form lasting friendships and incredible memories. Being a small school, with around 900 pupils, each of us are part of a close-knit community, in which we can feel at home. The atmosphere around school is generous and friendly, allowing students to work hard, while feeling at ease with their surroundings. The support network in school for those who struggle academically and otherwise is fantastic – this is another area where teachers here are second to none. Any academic problems can be fixed quickly and effectively, since our teachers are of such high quality. The emphasis placed on pastoral support at Camp Hill allows boys to feel comfortable, safe in the knowledge that they have any number of different staff members they can turn to with any problem which they may be facing.

New developments here have involved the recently completed new Science Block and the Sixth Form Block extension, which is due to be finished by September 2018. While these new facilities may be impressive, their real value comes from what they allow boys to do. In surrounding very bright students with other equally bright students, we have the cornerstones of academic success in place. Give these students excellent facilities to work in and they will flourish. They will make the most of what is on offer to them, and will achieve as a result.

At Camp Hill Boys, a balance is struck unlike that at many other schools. While we achieve academically, we also enjoy our time at school, making lifelong friends in the process, putting us in the best possible place for moving on to the next stage of life.


Daniel Hill, Head Boy


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